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Monday, October 20, 2008

Good News for Drivers

With general costs associated with daily life rising it is good to finally have some good news in the falling petrol costs. No sooner had Asda and Morrisons cut petrol costs to under £1 per litre, a couple of days later Tesco, the biggest retailer of petrol in the UK jumped on the bandwagon and also cut fuel costs. In response, Morrisons then cut fuel costs even further to 97.9p a litre this week.

It may be worth some of us remembering though, that prices are not necessarily the same in all forecourts of the same retailer across the country and can be raised if there is no other competition in the area. According to some press, this is what Tesco does, so if the only petrol station in your area is a Tesco one, you may find yourself paying a little more. On the other hand however, if you spend over £50 in store you get money off vouchers for your petrol so depending on how much you spend food shopping, the relative difference may be balanced out.

Either way, with prices of crude oil coming down and the benefits being passed on to drivers, it is worth keeping a note of the local fuel prices. Just as we would shop around to find the best price comparison sites for our car hire, we can apply the same ideas to shop around for the lowest petrol costs.
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