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Friday, September 19, 2008

Making the most of your Spanish car insurance

Do you know the difference between the various car hire insurance options when you book your Spanish car hire? If not, then read on...

When booking car hire in Spain, or indeed in most places, you will usually find that basic insurance is covered in any of the car hire deals on offer. With this you will normally find there is an excess to pay in case of any damage or accident and this is normally around £1,000 but can be as much as £2,000. It is only when you reach the car hire desk you may sometimes find that this excess does not cover any damage to the tyres or windows for example and there is often a separate premium to pay for to cover those. As many people would take more care when driving on foreign roads, the extra cover would normally be taken up to give that extra peace of mind.

Luckily, thesedays our partners in bringing you affordable and safe car hire, CarTrawler, have introduced a Zero Excess Insurance that will protect you the driver from any excess charges when you hire a car. For a basic daily premium you can have any potential excess charges taken care of so that you are covered in any event and the amount you pay for the initial car hire is the total and final amount you would have to pay when booking your Spanish car hire.

The new Zero Excess Insurance is considered a very useful cover to have and since its introduction has proved very popular.

For additional safety, make sure you book your car hire in Spain through a reputable firm offering high levels of customer service and able to answer any questions you may have regarding your car hire policy.


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