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Friday, August 29, 2008

September deals on your car hire in Spain

Schools go back this week, the low cost airlines are offering cheap autumn getaway deals and our Spanish car hire deals just got better!

Simply Car Hire Spain is all about using the most effective searches to get you the most competitive deals anywhere in Spain. We know that in many places, car hire is more than a luxury, it is a necessity if you want to get around to be able to do everything you want to as it is normally only the bigger towns and cities that will have a transport system and more often than not, the local Spanish bus service is something you may not want to entirely depend on!

We wanted to offer you a service that we would be happy to use ourselves, to be able to feel confident you are getting no less than what you expect from your car hire in Spain - no-nonsense agreements written in clear and simple English detailing everything your cover includes, the knowledge that hundreds of car hire companies have been searched to find you the best deal and that your car hire is not the biggest expense of your holiday. We are confident you can shop around and find the best deals using our secure online booking system so try it today for the latest September car hire deals so you have a good idea of what you will be spending when you go away.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Simply Car Hire Spain - The New and Improved Way to Book your Car Hire

With so many websites and search engines for finding car hire on the web thesedays, how exactly do you go about finding which are the reputable firms, the ones who will have the information on everything your car hire includes in simple no nonsense language as well as getting you the best deals???

We wondered this too...

Having property in Spain we are more than used to having to hire a car at the airport to get around and have tried and tested many firms at many different airports and have had our fair share of disaster stories. So, using this experience as well as years of experience in customer service and sales, we decided to go one better and offer the service we think everybody should get when oranising one of the fundamental aspects of a trip abroad: safe, reliable and cost-effective car hire deals.

And http://www.simplycarhirespain.com/ was born.

Using a search engine that allows us to search hundreds of car hire companies and thousands of vehicles we are able to bring you the very best Spanish car hire deals around. Simply Car Hire Spain is a secure car hire comparison website that also allows you to book the best deals you find. With all of the big names in car rental in Spain you can use the very simple search engine to see that you can get cheaper deals for the same car hire with the same companies on our site and we know this because we have done the research!

We hope you find the site useful and we would welcome any comments or feedback.

The Simply Car Hire Spain team

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Simply Car Hire Spain

Welcome to our information centre with up-to-date tips and tricks to hiring a car in Spain.
We will soon be displaying very useful information regarding car hire in Spain.
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